"When you can live forever, What do you live for?"

A world were creatures are of myths and legends, from books and nightmares. Where fantasys are just fantasys. That is until an unsuspecting girl Isabella swan moves to the rainy town of forks. She didn't expect much other then rain, when she move to the small town. The again Niether did Edward expect his near final peace and quite, and the oppotunity at a possible good life to be aruptidly changed. Here- books are in fact a key into another world.

A new beginning, a new middle and a new end, where life is not quite as it is shown in many movies, where fairy tales do exsist, and can exsist but at what price? Join the adventure and discover your own personal fairy tale. Enjoy the thrills of near death, the beauty of myths and legends, let your creativity spark. Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside of him as well as a coterie of undead, that would make Bella thier prey. Nothing is what it seems. A post Twilight RPG.

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UPDATED! Main Rules

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UPDATED! Main Rules

Post by Edward Cullen on Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:25 pm

We are all here to enjoy the world from the Twilight Series. So we have to set some ground rules, for our sanity and yours. Rules are non negotioable.

During these rules there will be a 3 word phrase spread through out these rules to which you put in your application, make sure you read this carefully!

Site content

[Sexual Content] With the many relationships happening of course there is going to be kisses and cuddles, full blow sex Is not allowed in public areas, if you so wish to do so either go to PM or contact a member of staff on the Mature thred, for you to continue your activies, Innocent foreplay is allowed to a degree please try and keep it PG 15

[Abuse] Any self-harming will NOT be allowed, due to many reasons, to the fact some people may get affended by such actions. Nor will any abuse verbal or other wise be tolerated if so seen or informed, we as Admin will investigate if we see this you will recieve one warning if it carries on your account will be deleted! As for deaths of other characters this must be consentual, and kept within Character (spercifically applies to cannons)

[Advertising] Advertising is allowed on this forum. yet in the thred provided!

[Privacy] All messages made in the OOC boards, should be willingly given. Should anyone not wish to share their personal information with us here at the board, they have the right not to. But should they, then please respect other peoples privicay and confidentiallity. As a role playign community, we should repect and trust each other on the forum, any abuse of trust will lead to you account being deleted, without hesitation. The first word is Vampire.

[Fun] Importantly role playing is about fun, and the freedom to express creative talent, each person has thier own style and it should be respected, no critisining others ways of role play, it's about having fun people!

Character rules

NEW [Multitude] How many characters are you allowed to have? I would permit two cannons each however this must be one vampire and one human, why? so that we do not have an over-populated vampire race, by keeping it one vampire and one human this is balancing out the selection. However there is an exception you are allowed One volturi member and one vampire, simply becasue the Volturi and times are not very active. You unlimited non-cannos. Please make sure that you keep ecah character active however.

[Relations] Relations to the main character are allowed but please send a PM to the admin and the canno as to which you are related so they are aware, they should have a say as much as you.

[Death] If any character dies during the seires you can keep them as this site is not restircted to the books exactly as We create our own storyline, but please to a degree follow the books as much as you can.

[Pregnancy] Teenage pregnancy is allowed and not allowed, Unless you have sent a PM to an admin asking for permission as we all know Bella does get pregnant. and she is a teenager so this is allowed, I shall not allow other character to follow the role of the main cannons- for example another human and a vampire have a child for it takes away the main plot for the two main cannons, however if you have a qualified reason and have spoken to an admin and recived permission, you may continue. Pregnacy can also continue to the fact if it is planned to lose the baby in a horrible accident, or get an abortion!. The second word is are. Adult pregnancy is allowed within reason, If you are a female Vampire then you cannot get pregnant.

[Marriage] Again, Marriage is allowed but no one younger then 16 is allowed to get married please abid the rules and the actual law.

[Avatars] The person portraying your character MUST be a real person. No animations. You can use a model, actor/actress, singer, etc.. but NO animations if possible.

[Activity] Please remeber that you CANNOT excessivly post in OOC threds as that is not what they are for. It is preffered that 5 threds at least are posted per month this will allow a wide varity of posting, for many of the members, and will help boost your posts. Also it is required that you are active as much as possible if you are innactive longer then a month then your account will be given to others for the chance of them to role play.

[Special abilities/breeds] It is of course Twight based Vampires and Werewolfves are more them welcome, although preferablly more humans the better as we try to equalize the groups, One this I will not permit is that the ablity you process matches that of the cannons or others.

[Registry] We'd really appreciate it if you took the time to fill out a character Bio in order to be accepted, tis is to make it easier to keep track of characters and to make others aware of the characters. This is not a rule, it is ptional but it is preferred.

Posting Rules

[Length] It is preffered in each post is a paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences atleast!) This then gives others the chance to read and relate, explain what you feel, see, hear etc.

[Grammar] Proper grammar is highly appreciated here on MS, and we would like everyone to do their best or as best as you can, when it comes to grammar. We do, however, realize that some people are simply not as good at grammar as other's, as a result of their nationality, or education, so it can be excused when someone is bad at grammar. Also posts are optional either 3rd or first person, which ever is easier for the said roleplayer, as this is a series of twilight and it is written in first peroson so first person is permitted. The third word is us. For thouse who do not know the diffrence first person is when someone uses "I", and 3rd person is when someone uses "He/She"

[God Modding] Hopefully we should all know what god modding is, If not then it is when your character has no limits- for example, like he/she does not get hurt or keeps avoiding hits this is called god modding or When they can do pretty much whatever they please. or when they kill or injure another character without their consent, or when they control other characters by typing out their actions in their own posts. (is excusible if the other character is not taken.) But other then that this is NOT allowed. You can howver control your own character, but strictly no one elses. During fights and such, make sure to take a few blows every now and then.. it's cheating if you dodge all of them.

With thanks to Shae Leafy of Hogwarts Magic for the splendid lay out of rule template.


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