"When you can live forever, What do you live for?"

A world were creatures are of myths and legends, from books and nightmares. Where fantasys are just fantasys. That is until an unsuspecting girl Isabella swan moves to the rainy town of forks. She didn't expect much other then rain, when she move to the small town. The again Niether did Edward expect his near final peace and quite, and the oppotunity at a possible good life to be aruptidly changed. Here- books are in fact a key into another world.

A new beginning, a new middle and a new end, where life is not quite as it is shown in many movies, where fairy tales do exsist, and can exsist but at what price? Join the adventure and discover your own personal fairy tale. Enjoy the thrills of near death, the beauty of myths and legends, let your creativity spark. Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside of him as well as a coterie of undead, that would make Bella thier prey. Nothing is what it seems. A post Twilight RPG.

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Shadow Anna Wolf

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Shadow Anna Wolf

Post by Shadow Wolf on Fri May 15, 2009 11:53 am

Full Name: Shadow Anna Wolf
Nicknames: Shaz
Age: 200 [[appernce 17]]
Gender: Female
Type: Vampire
Occupation: School and singing teacher

Tall Long Dark hair. Unhumanly pale skin.
Her eyes glow softly in the moonlight and her skin and hair has an unnatrual sheen to it.
Her small fangs can be seen as she smiles.
Vampire side calls its self Dark and then you have the saneish Shadow

Bad temper when annoyed or frustrated. She is easily annoyed by Werewolves because of her past.
She sings a lot when she is down or she runs a lot depending where she is.
She hates Werewolves all expect one. She doesn't like to feed on Humans as it normal brings out the worst in her and it could endanger her human friends.

Special Abilities:
premonitions and mind reading.
Split personality

Family And Relations:
Father : Marco Wolf [dead]
Mother : Willimina wolfsbane [dead]
Twin Sister : Bec wolf [dead supposedly]
Brother : Kai Wolf [dead]

Split Personality : Dark Tuiske.

Her family were killed when she was young so doenst know much about them expect they were well known for there potions and combat skills. They were killed by werewolves which is where her hate for them comes from. She was turned into a vampire in her colleges years by a Vampire Called Rain Methuselah.
shadow is known for her very split personality

Willamina died saving shadow from hunters/trackers. Her Twin sister Bec supposedly dead in the battle of t he clan lands where her Father was killed.
Marcus her brother died in the attack when she was young and so did her baby sister she was only 2 at the time of her death. Spilt personalty run through the family.

RP Sample:
Shadow was walking through the woods reading her book as she walked through the trees her long hair flowing behind her as she walked.
She was humming a soft tune as she walked softly and happily, it was a song she had heard when she was a young vampire. She had meet Carlisle Cullen yet she wondered if her was around and if so what country he and edward and the others were in/

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Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf

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100 / 100100 / 100

Strength :
50 / 10050 / 100

Relationship Status : Single
Partner : None
Special Ability : Premonitions

Registration date : 2009-04-27

Character sheet
Name: Shadow Anna Wolf
Breed: Vampire Vampire
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