"When you can live forever, What do you live for?"

A world were creatures are of myths and legends, from books and nightmares. Where fantasys are just fantasys. That is until an unsuspecting girl Isabella swan moves to the rainy town of forks. She didn't expect much other then rain, when she move to the small town. The again Niether did Edward expect his near final peace and quite, and the oppotunity at a possible good life to be aruptidly changed. Here- books are in fact a key into another world.

A new beginning, a new middle and a new end, where life is not quite as it is shown in many movies, where fairy tales do exsist, and can exsist but at what price? Join the adventure and discover your own personal fairy tale. Enjoy the thrills of near death, the beauty of myths and legends, let your creativity spark. Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside of him as well as a coterie of undead, that would make Bella thier prey. Nothing is what it seems. A post Twilight RPG.

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Is existance enough? {Esme}

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Is existance enough? {Esme}

Post by Carlisle Cullen on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:30 am

The breeze ruffled his hair as he walked, at a leisurely pace. His dark red shirt, and black pants, seemed a little odd to be walking in. Let alone out in the forest. His clothes were strictly work as he had been at the hospital only minutes earlier. His clothes were nothing too flashy, but not tracksuit style either. His footwear however, was a little more practical with a pair of hiking boots, that he had slipped on after finishing up, at work. He walked faster than a human, but then not too fast to draw attention. A little strange really, as unless the humans were serious hikers, there was little chance of meeting one. Though it always paid to be cautious.

Passing trees, wildlife and the occasional deer. Carlisle walked with grace, and stealth as he passed through the forest. Not sure of where he was heading or what he was going to do. Carlisle strolled with out a purpose, towards anywhere that he chose. Why did he have a care in the world, nothing could hurt him really. The family was happy, or seemed to be with Edward now back, however he had no idea where they were for the day, most likely on various outings. Though as he walked he began to feel a little worried about what the future held.

There was little to think of and had Carlisle been trying to think in any sense, he might actually be able to make so leap of judgement though no, he had no such luck, as he walked in a general direction. With no one around, he had decided to take a walk, not going anywhere just a mosey around, and a possible meal if he felt so inclined. He decided to get out, and get away from the house. The crunch of twigs beneath his feet, gave him the feeling of not just being an object. Like life was worth something, if he only knew what that was. So many questions, buzzed around his head. Questions that had no real answers no possible answers. Well if there were any, Carlisle was not seeing them, though he had tried.

It was just one of those days, where he was lost in thought. For no apparent reason, he had just started to wander around. No plan, or place to get to. Nothing that could hold his attention for more than a mere few moments. His mind flicked from one thing to another. Memories and thoughts, were all he had as he walked. His past existence, the families existence and future came to rest in his head as he sighed. He took a deep breath, not that it was needed, much like breathing its self. Something that was not needed, yet a habit that he had. One that he could not shake. Carlisle stopped not wanting to stray much further, as he sank down by a tree feeling ever so slightly confused as to what to do for the best, as he stared into space.
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