"When you can live forever, What do you live for?"

A world were creatures are of myths and legends, from books and nightmares. Where fantasys are just fantasys. That is until an unsuspecting girl Isabella swan moves to the rainy town of forks. She didn't expect much other then rain, when she move to the small town. The again Niether did Edward expect his near final peace and quite, and the oppotunity at a possible good life to be aruptidly changed. Here- books are in fact a key into another world.

A new beginning, a new middle and a new end, where life is not quite as it is shown in many movies, where fairy tales do exsist, and can exsist but at what price? Join the adventure and discover your own personal fairy tale. Enjoy the thrills of near death, the beauty of myths and legends, let your creativity spark. Edward must battle the bloodlust raging inside of him as well as a coterie of undead, that would make Bella thier prey. Nothing is what it seems. A post Twilight RPG.

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Here we go again..

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Here we go again..

Post by Aro Volturi on Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:48 pm

Pacing was all Aro could do, his mind was not at ease, or even in its usual state. He stood for a while in his room, watching the hours tick by, one by one. He stood and fiddled with a set of keys to his car, debating on weather to take a trip. He came down into the main room a place he had left only hours earlier. He suddenly stopped, as he stood as still as a rock, as his eyes gazed out from the window he was stood in front of. The eyes of a heartless killer, and one that he so very much liked to be.

Aro hated the feeling of loosing something, loosing anything made him mad and cranky. He knew there would be another change, many of them but he was determined not to fail again. His gaze never faltered from the sight outside. Unsuspecting humans, ones who might just be living their last moments in life. That was as dinner was about to be served. He wondered if anyone would join him for the pleasure of some fresh blood. Something witch he didn't need that badly, but it might make him a little happier.

His red shirt and straight cut pants were still as a statue. Not even breathing, Aro smiled at his thoughts about the blood. There was just something about the terror on the faces of the food, and the useless screams that would come from that, that just seemed to make his day a whole lot more interesting He sighed, as he turned in to the room, and stood like before. With a blank expression on his face.

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